Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We've Got This

Normally I don't do politics here. But this morning, I can think of little else.

Those of us in blue states (and in others) who were confident Hillary would win are in shock this morning.

Instead of allowing ourselves to become even more divided in the aftermath of this unprecedented election, let's join together to ensure our nation doesn't become a place of tyranny, discrimination, and fear. Let's protect our children and our future. Let's respect each other even when our views differ, and make choices that protect the health of our planet. Let's watch out for each other no matter the color of our skin, our religion, or our country of origin. We've got this, America.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Joys of Having a Son

Being the mother of a five year-old boy is a mixed bag, for sure. Mostly fun, sometimes gross, and always interesting, here's a quick overview of my experience.

Sweaty but sweet hugs after a fun afternoon outside.
Pockets and socks full of hay in the laundry.
Just sat in pee because the boy forgot to put the seat up.
Watching him spin until he falls over, giddy with laughter.
Being asked questions like, "Did the dinosaurs go extinct from falling into a pile of giant poop?"
Screams from the basement make me wonder, "Is he delighted or hurt?"
Introspective, thoughtful questions from my boy at bedtime, followed by farts and subsequent fits of laughter.
Running after an errant son through a large home improvement store, heart pounding, dragging the younger child by the hand while shouting, "We have to catch your brother!"
Being greeted at the end of the preschool day by a hug that almost knocks me over, and the words, "I missed you, Mama! I found a slug on the playground and it's in my pocket!"

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hello world! I have left this blog sadly untended to in the years since I began having children, but never fear, for more is coming!

With the craziest Presidential election in my lifetime approaching, the end of Brangelina, and the return of the turtleneck to fashion, this fall is shaping up to provide me with plenty of blogging fodder. In the meantime, enjoy your pumpkin spice latte, get out your iPhone 7, and stay tuned...