Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Post

Hello world.

My very first blog entry was going to be about something entirely different, but now it is going to be about bloggery (possibly a word I just invented) and the fact that every blog name I could think of has already been taken. I wonder how many other people have been through this experience.

I spent 25 minutes trying to register various blog names and couldn't seem to come up with one that wasn't taken. I am thinking that this means one of several things.
1. I'm an unoriginal bastard.
2. Too many people have blogs.
3. Maybe a lot of people having blogs is a good thing. Democracy and the freedom of expression and all that. But you could also argue that the saturation of the Internet with thousands of voices has made it more difficult for people to find things that they actually want to read about online.

Or maybe I haven't gotten enough sleep this week. Moving, getting a new boss at work and having one's assistant go away for her honeymoon during the same 5-day period can do that to a person.

Well. My first post has turned out to be more serious than I intended. Next time: A blistering yet humorous review of Vogue magazine. I hope.